Audior's Feature Set

Audior is both simple and powerful. It works from the moment you upload it to your website but it can also be integrated in complex HTML forms and websites using it's JS and server side API's.

Everything You Need To Add Voice Recordings To Your Website

Record direct to MP3

Audior allows you to record audio directly to mp3. The mp3 audio files are uploaded straight to your web server.

No media server needed

You can run Audior on a shared hosting account. Forget Red5, FMS and Wowza. Audior needs no high maintenance media server setup.

Great support to back you up

Virgi from tech support is handling all support requests every weekday, so if you run into trouble we're here to help.


Audior's JS API allows you to integrate it with any HTML form, web page, JS code or recording process.


The server side API's allow you to integrate Audior with your members database and store recordings for each logged in member.

Start using in minutes

Because it needs no media server Audior is ready to record production quality mp3 files as soon as you upload it to your website.

Works in any browser on desktop

Audior works in any browser on any platform: PC, MAC and Linux.

16bit 44.1kHz audio quality

Audior captures the microphone data to uncompressed wav and converts it on the fly to a mono, 16bit mp3 file with 44,100 samples per second.

Translate interface

Audior ships with an English user interface but it's easy to translate to any language trough the external .xml language file.

Works on Android devices

Using HTML Media Capture we're able to capture audio in Android's Internet and Chrome browsers.

Works on iOS devices

Similar to the way it works on Android but followed by an sound extraction using FFmpeg.

Source files

Power user? Then you'll be happy to play with Audior's Action Script 3 Flash Builder sources which are available for purchase.