Audior can now record from mobile devices. Check the blog post for details.

Audior MP3 Features

Get Audior and join 200 other websites who successfully record audio on their website

Record direct to MP3

Audior allows you to record audio directly to MP3 files on your web server. There's no need to setup ffmpeg to convert flv files or move the files from the media server to your web server.

Integrate with anything

Audior has an extensive JS/PHP & .NET API which you can use to integrate Audior in any recording process or recording form on your website.

No Media Server Needed

Forget Red5, FMS and Wowza. Audior needs no expensive media server setup. That means you can run Audior on a shared hosting account.

Start using in minutes

Because it needs no media server or additional tool like ffmpeg to convert the audio to MP3, Audior is ready to record production quality mp3 files in minutes.

Great support to back you up

We have a dedicated support team handling all support requests 10 hours a day, so if you run into trouble we're here to help.

Works in any browser

Audior works in any browser on any platform: PC, MAC and Linux.

Unlimited extendibility

Audior's JS API allows you to integrate it with anything but if you want to further add features to your copy of Audior you can because we're making the source files available to developers.

Translate to any language

Audior ships with an English user interface but it's very easy to translate to any language trough the external .xml language file that holds all the words and phrases used inside Audior.

Other features: JS and PHP/.NET API, dedicated support team to back you up available every day, translate to any language, 16bit 44khz audio quality, save directly to web server, sources available for purchase, allow user to download mp3 file, limit recording time, pause/resume recording, works on any browser.

Ways to use Audior: voice recording, mp3 recordings, audio interviews, e-learning, language training, karaoke websites, audio profiles, audio comments.

Got questions ?

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