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o Audior 1.4 (build 131), December 22, 2016
| New setting forceDownload that will enable the direct download of the resulting .mp3 file, instead of opening the recording in the browser
| Removed SWFObject from Audior in light of the changes regarding Flash content in Safari 10 and Chrome 56
| Improved desktop browser detection
| Updated the look and behaviour of the mobile version
| “Missing license key” error now directs the user towards the installation instructions
| Changing the microphone no longer triggers the start of the audio recording
o Audior 1.3 (build 112), September 16, 2014
| Audior now works on mobile devices thanks to HTML5’s HTML Media Capture and FFmpeg
| Fixed issue with btSaveClick JS API, that caused the call to it to be made at the wrong time.
| Updates to documentation
| Removed deprecated sscode parameter used by flash vars for the desktop version.
o Audior 1.2.1, February 23, 2014
| Minor changes, to the files audior_settings.php and upload.php, that are needed for future Audior integration kits
o Audior 1.2.0 (build 98), September 30, 2013
| Pause/Resume Recording Functionality
| New settings: showButtons, disableSaveButton and disableRecordAgainButton options
| 6 new options to customize the look and feel of Audior
| Better playback effect
| New audior_settings.php settings file (outputs .xml)
| Fixed issue with pressing play on the recorder before the encoding was complete that was causing audio skipping and playback issues.
| Fixed issue with recording starting in the time the users were pressing Allow in the Flash Player pop-up when accessing the microphone.
o Audior 1.1.1 (build 74), May 29, 2013
| Fixed issue with recorderId taking the value of userId for everything except the onFlashReady JS call
| Fixed issue with onEncodingDone and onUploadDone being called 2 times for the 1st re-record, 3 times for the 2nd re-record, etc.
| Replaced commented alerts with active console.log in index.html
| New default values for recorderId and userId in index.html
o Audior 1.1.0 (build 51) 8th of June 2015
| Redesigned the Record, Stop, Play, Pause buttons
| JS Control API
| .NET support
| Supports multiple languages
| More accurate sound wave and playback
| Record and playback time markers
| When you download the MP3 the file is downloaded from the web server
| 3 new options (showSoundWave, markerDistance, languageFile)
| Streamlined “Encode -> Save -> Download” process: After the encoding is done the SAVE buttons shows up. After you press it the DOWNLOAD button shows up.
| More secure upload scripts
| Ability to hide the sound wave (some users seem to be distracted by it :) )
| New JS Callback API function: onMicAccess(allowed,recorderId)
| Audior will now ask you to “Remember giving permission to access your microphone”
| Fixed issues with sound length was longer by 1 second than the real duration
| Fixed issue with canDownload and uploadURL options in audior_settings.xml were not working properly
o Audior 1.0, July 30, 2012
| Initial release of Audior