Today we’re announcing a  new WordPress plugin we’ve been working on for the past week: Audio Comments Plugin for WordPress, or in short, ACP .

Over the weekend it has been approved for listing in the official WordPress Plugins Directory and today we’re announcing it on our blog.


  • ACP leverages Audior to record mp3 files directly in the browser.
  • The audio comments can be moderated and approved before being published on the website.
  • Moderators and admins can listen to the audio comment from the WordPress backend.
  • They can also control a lot of Audior options directly from the WordPress backend.
  • People can reply to audio comments with other audio comments.
  • People can also pause and resume the audio recording process.
  • Playback is handled by native HTML code and it will work on most platforms and browsers including mobile devices.

How to download and install it

The Audio Comments Plugin can be downloaded for free from the WordPress Plugins Repository. Detailed installation instructions can also be found there.

You can also install it from your WP backend. Go to Plugins > Add New and search for Audio Comments.

Installing the Audio Comments Plugin from the WordPress Backend

Installing the Audio Comments Plugin from the WordPress Backend

In both cases, for the recording part, you will need the new Audior version (build 102). Future Audior builds will also work.


The Audio Comments Plugin is free of charge. Audior costs $99.


The Audio Comments Plugin is released under the GPL license. You can extend it, modify it and distribute it (as long as you keep the resulting work under the GPL).

Screenshot gallery: