Category: Audior

Audior 1.4 Has Been Released

Audior 1.4 brings with it some much needed updates and fixes. New setting forceDownload that will enable the direct download of the resulting .mp3 file, instead of opening the recording in the browser Removed SWFObject...


Audior 1.2.1 Has Been Released

We have released a small update for Audior. This build introduces minor changes, to the files audior_settings.php and upload.php, that are needed for future Audior integration kits. The build can be downloaded from the private...


Audior 1.2 Has Been Released

Since the release of Audior 1.1 we have continued to listen to our clients requests and suggestions for new features and we have managed to pack the most requested ones in Audior 1.2 (build 98)....