Recording on mobile devices

The latest release of Audior adds compatibility with mobile devices using HTML5’s HTML Media Capture standard and FFmpeg – the audio video conversion tool.

When Audior detects it is being accessed from a mobile device it automatically switches to HTML Media Capture to capture audio.

Here’s an example on how it looks and works on an Android device:

  1. The user is presented with [Record Audio] + [Upload] buttons.
  2. Pressing it will automatically open the native audio recording app on Android. On iOS the user will be asked to choose between making a recording or using an existing one. Take note that on iOS the video capture app will be used but only the audio will be imported by Audior.
  3. After the recording is stopped you can review it, use it or take another one.
  4. If you choose to use it you are taken to the updated form in the browser.



For a more thorough description of the inner workings of this new recording mechanism you can check the documentation page.

Other Changes:

  • Fixed issue with btSaveClick JS API, that caused the call to it to be made at the wrong time.
  • Updates to documentation
  • Removed deprecated sscode parameter used by flash vars for the desktop version.

How to get it

You can check out the latest version of Audior at

Audior 1.3 (build 112) can be downloaded from your client private web-page.