Since the release of Audior 1.1 we have continued to listen to our clients requests and suggestions for new features and we have managed to pack the most requested ones in Audior 1.2 (build 98).

Pause/Resume Recording Functionality

Users now have the ability to pause the recording and resume it as many times they see fit. The final recording will contain all the recordings that were made in that session.



 More options for customizing the UI when only JavaScript API is used

When the JS API is used certain Audior buttons or all the buttons can be disabled. Here are those specific settings:

  1. Added new setting showButtons that controls whether or not all of the buttons are shown/hidden. The design automatically adjusts itself if all the buttons are hidden. Here’s how Audior looks with all the buttons hidden:
  2. Added new setting disableSaveButton that controls whether or not the Save button is enabled/disabled.
  3. Added new setting disableRecordAgainButton that controls whether or not the Record Again button is enabled/disabled.

More options to customize the look and feel of Audior

  1. Added new setting bgCornerRadius that controls the radius of the corners of the Audior background.
  2. Added new setting bgColor that controls the background color for Audior.
  3. Added new setting borderColor that controls the border color of the Audior background.
  4. Added new setting borderWidth that controls the border width for Audior background.
  5. Added new settings, soundWaveColor that controls the color of the sound wave and playBackFillColor that controls the fill color of the sound wave upon playback.

New and Better Playback Effect

We have implemented a more sleek design for the recording playback effect. Now the sound wave fills with a different color to indicate the position of the track.


The fill color can be changed using the new setting playBackFillColor and the original sound wave color can be set using soundWaveColor.

Settings can now be loaded from a PHP file

We have implemented a second settings file audior_settings.php, that contains the same settings that audior_settings.xml contains. The PHP file outputs those settings in a XML format so that Audior can load them properly. This is useful for users that wish to make use of a dynamically generated settings file in order to assign different settings to different users.

Here’s how to tell Audior what settings file should be loaded:

  1. Open index.html (can be found in your Audior installation folder) with any text editor
  2. Find the following line: flashvars.settingsFile = “audior_settings.xml”
  3. Replace audior_setting.xml  with audior_settings.php
  4. Save and close the file.

 Bug fixes

  1. Fixed issue with pressing play on the recorder before the encoding was complete that was causing audio skipping and playback issues.
  2. Fixed issue with recording starting in the time the users were pressing Allow in the Flash Player pop-up when accessing the microphone.

How to get it:

You can check out the latest version of Audior at

Audior 1.2 (build 98) can be downloaded from your client private web-page.